Daniel Farash 
March 10th 2017

“Everyone has their own reality. This one is mine.”

I do not enjoy hurting people, nor am I trying to be vindictive.  In fact, this is nauseating.

The Great Witch Hunt of 2014

It takes one person to start a witch hunt. In my case the person who began this stalking, I did not even know! AKA Creeper X. In late 2013, he had some disturbing obsession with me. This individual stated via emails that he possesses, "great unknown powers and he would ruin me, destroy my work, my friends, etc.” Over what? A woman and perhaps more.

Through his great unknown powers, Creeper X was able to recruit a small flock of sheep some through blackmail. My friends would have nothing to do with this. The few pathetic souls he did enlist are the "Who's who" of criminals, creeps and cowards. They are the weakest of the weak yet dangerous.

I will not have my reputation compromised by these persons any longer. Perhaps this will discourage other individuals in the future that may view me as an easy target. More profoundly, persons have to understand that if their vile actions against me are revealed, and they do, there will be consequences.

Below you will observe four card carrying member of this sadistic horror forum of The Witch Hunt of 2014 led by The Talented Mr. Creeper X; and through the inspirational writings of Stacy Meisler many years earlier. And I was good to all of them.  

Do not let these phonies fool you. They are sick malicious people that do not care who they hurt.

Stacy Meisler

Going back to July 2008 my reputation was damaged by Ms. Stacy Meisler and it has taken until now, March 2017, to confront this public assassination. Ms. Meisler is a vicious and sadistic person that goes around ruining other's lives because her life sucks, and she was born a psychopath.

Often appearing on the first page of a Google search under my name is a slanderous gutter website. It is a perfect platform for cowards to affect reputations of others, while the author hides anonymously in their sewer. Ignoring her attacks which she is known for has been a mistake that has caused me problems.
Friends have attempted to have this removed but to no avail. If you search my name you will probably come across the following:

Early Years
Born May 7th, 1942, Daniel Farash is a Manhattan millionaire. 
Farash made his money off
an apparent computer company, that may or may not have existed.  He battled with
depression from an early age and was prone to creating stories.

Later Years
2003, Farash produced the movie, This Thing of Ours which start Frank Vincent and
James Caan among others.  The movie did not make a lot of money as it was only shown in
selected cinemas.  This is what started Daniel’s emotional breakdown.  A year later

Farash sued the Rothschild’s because one of their employees who was showing Daniel’s apartment
broke in and did a satanic ritual.  This event created an even more manic Farash, he has
been fighting for justice ever since.

This characterization begins with overstating my age by twenty years. Then it alleges much of my life’s work is delusional, followed by having a propensity for fictional accounts and that I am manic.  

Actually I suffer from having a chip on my shoulder which started in my late-30s when I realized this planet was disintegrating and I recklessly attempted to make a difference. Regardless, to twist around a person’s set backs in this manner is a vindictiveness that surpasses my comprehension.

Allowing sadistic criminals like Stacy Meisler to continue to cowardly play God
with peoples lives is over. Meisler projects her own fictional world onto countless others. Meisler states, "I am prone to telling fictional
stories."  I don’t need to nor would I.  Stacy Meisler writes fiction for a living, so that is her job.  I never liked fiction.  I do
not read it, watch it, listen to it,  nor do I speak it.  I do not lie and I hate being lied to.

The following are excerpts from an email Stacy Meisler sent on May 20th, 2008. The difference is this is the truth with a slight flair for the dramatic: 

"After meeting Dan I learned that he has seldom left his home for several years. In the last few 

months, he has taken comfort in drives to mountains of Northwest New Jersey.  I have
on several occasions have escorted him.  

This month we witnessed two young men flipped their car three times downhill in Sussex County RT 565.

We were the first adults at the scene and without a moment’s thought Dan rushed to the smoking automobile;

we did not know if there would be any survivors. The automobile was upside down and there was a possibility

of it exploding as it was smoking.  With the assistance of another teenager who was following them, Dan was able to

pull both seventeen year olds of a broken window.  This was highly dangerous as car could have exploded.

Dan instructed me back to his car as he saw the danger in the smoking wreck; he also comforted the two suffering boys

while keeping one alert has he appeared to have a sever concussion.  Dan was able to soothe them as we waited for assistance;

once responders arrived Dan briefly spoke to police yet he did not require recognition or credit; nor did he
state he pulled them out; Dan was heroic and fearless."
 (Actually, the car flipped over 4 times.)

 Recently, I have asked many friends if they knew about this event.  None did.  Pulling two half dead kids out of a smoking automobile is just another day and not worthy of discussion.  Meisler describes this event as being heroic and fearless.  Yet this traumatic event does not make my top 50.  

Stacy Meisler informed me of her father who is also a career criminal and was responsible for starting a riot at a maximum security correctional facility. I remembered this event. Yet he is in prison. Since Stacy was born with this genetic defect, by definition she is a psychopath. A sociopath self mentors overtime.

There are many people that she has hurt that I have promised would not be mentioned. And I have to keep my word. She is feared.

Here is Stacy Meisler’s aka Stacy Mize, "Fiction Write & Comic"
Linkedin image:

That is the mug of a psychopath who interestingly goes by the name "StaCY Mize". 

"StaCY Mize" worked as my assistant for a short amount of time. While she appeared to be very nice and we had a good working relationship, she has a very dark side.  In early July 2008, Stacy Mize stole my wallet.  She immediately went to an ATM and took out additional cash.  The bank informed me that they had in their possession an image of the person using the ATM as well as the license plate of the car.  After seeing these images, it was in fact her vile mug with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

This should give some incite into Stacy Mize:

Via phone I stated to her, "you need to return my wallet and the money."  She responded, "I have no idea what you’re talking
about." After informing her of my interaction with the bank she hung up on me.   I called her back and it went into voicemail. I stated just give me my wallet back, keep the money.  I received neither. 

I did not go to the police.  I paid her very well and helped her in many ways.  Her tall tales that have gotten back to me are outrageous and meant to destroy. However, I am just one of many that have been prey to this coward.  Stacy Meisler will steal every chance she has, even your reputation.

I am upset for not immediately defending myself in 2008 against several online attacks.  Now, a year and a half after finding out who wrote this piece of garbage I am finally making a statement.  However, damage has been done too many others. 

Siobhan McCaffery / Kyler McCaffery (Added July 30, 2017)

Here’s a young lady that would stop by my apartment unannounced and we would watch YouTube videos, etc.  Or sometimes we discussed her problems and she knew about mine i.e being badly hacked.  I was extremely good to this soul.  

It is incredible how this person could betray me and become involved in this disgraceful witch hunt.

(I do not use the word conspiracy.) Through a few text messages you will see a conspiracy:

TEXT Messages: "Sorry all this was extremely fucked up! I will never forget all that you taught me.." 


In these text messages she finally admits: "Sorry, all of this was extremely fucked up and I cannot express how bad I feel.  I will never forget all that you showed me and taught me. And I hope you can one day forgive me" 

Unlike others that refused not submit, she was clearly black mailed.  The next day she had a complete change of heart. The self incriminating remarks and insults Kyler McCaffery or what ever her real name is were horrific. This sociopath justifies fraudulently using my credit card, stealing cash from me,  and creeping into my personal business.  Not only did McCaffery not return the money she stole as promised, she mocked me.  Kyler McCaffery who also goes by many different names,  completely violated me while I was at my weakest. She has more than earned a place in this compilation. 

In Siobhan McCaffery's last text to me she mockingly stated, 
“sorry I’m a bad person.”  At least this sociopath is self-aware. Yet with absolutely no fear of appraisal. Where does this power come from?!  I wonder what would’ve happened if I went to make a police report?!

How I meet these next two within months of each other is statically challenging:

Rebecca Formichella (Added July 30, 2017)

Ms. Rebecca Formichella is the person I have helped more than anyone out of hundreds. On occasions, Formichella credited me with saving her life. Among many other comments, such as “I made her glow.” Which I did, and she will never glow again.

In one paragraph I could expose her. "Trust and believe" she would more than have it coming. However, I will not do
this for personal reasons. The degree of psychological mind games, greed and Machiavellian behavior this person is capable of is at the top of
 my chart.  

Rebecca Formichella now Mrs. Lambeze, got “a pass”, in part because everyone, alive and dead told me to stay away from
this self-admitted hustler. From The Cleaner down to Jimmy Hoffa. I did not listen. And that’s the best excuse I can come
up with for protecting Formichella for far too many years at great personal expense to myself. However, I'm at the point where I cannot

So this is all Formichella is going to receive a mere nod of disappointment. Mrs. Lambeze, review and attempt to practice the last five of the Ten Commandments. Particularly: Thou shall not bear false witness against persons that have saved thee when thou was
at rock bottom, which includes, but not limited to, an unlawful fraudulent police report .

 When it became known that Ms. Formichella was involved in this conspiracy not one friend was surprised. It damn near killed me. 


I'm sorry I have to turn this up. Unfortunately it is at her expense.  If I could do it another way,  I probably would. In early 2014, there were at least a half dozen people that stated to me that Formichella's actions where an attempt on my life.  Hearing this was very painful, yet what got me through this was her admission that she tried to kill her own father. I guess Summit New Jersey was that important to her.

Sorry Becky, but you had this coming four years ago.  I should've been biting instead of barking.  It wasn't bad enough, that  Ms. Formichella was ripping me off left and right.  Breaking dates with me to baby seat, lol, even on my birthday.  Ms Formichella, had to steal another $50,000; on top of the $50,000 that she stole fair and square. I lost track of the felonies she committed.

Being an architect in destroying my reputation which got back to me 20 different ways has gone on too long. What sociopaths don't understand is there is a thing called loyalty. 

Ms. Formichella informed me she was the queen of playing the victim. 

And if you think this is unsightly you should've seen my back.   Yes the amount of physical and emotional punishment this sadistic mastermind can unleash is enough to kill a person.  And she wouldn't let me go. The money was too good and too easy. These images were taken in mid September 2013.  

How I met Formichella and Marotta within 12 months of each other proves to me there is a devil.  

Darren Marotta__

Mr. Darran Marotta is the second person that I have helped the most.  I lent Mr. Marotta significant money under very false pretenses in 2012. However, when it was time to pay me back, Mr. Marotta justified in his sociopathic mind that he should not have to. Eventually I had to sue this charlatan which I won. However, like many on his kind he relocated to Florida which is one of the hardest States to collect a judgment. 

The day I met Mr. Marotta was the worst day of my life.  I believe he is the most evil person I have ever met.

Listening to this con man weave his fairytale in court under oath, which included some disgraceful imaginary counter suit was revolting. The degree of perjury should in fact end him in jail. Part of this tall tell was an alleged fight we had. The judge was so disgusted he told Marotta to shut up. Basically the judge was objecting to his slanderous remarks without my lawyer objecting. This judge was discusted with Marotta. My attorney stated to me after council went into chambers. The judge was really upset and stated Marotta hasn't made a truthful remark. When the judge was giving instructions to the jury he even made a joke  about Marotta's account of a physical altercation.  I think of all of Marotta's perjury, this bothered the judge the most.  

 Over five years later, I have to attempt to collect the money from this delusional deadbeat.  

Mr Moratta, does not have a single redeeming quality.  The aggravation and negativity he brought onto my life words cannot describe. Mr. Moratta is a sociopath’s sociopath. He is a coward’s coward, who blames everyone for his failures except himself. He has hurt many. If I could vote anyone off the planet, I would hit that button faster than the speed of light.

20 years ago I was considered a person with a heart of gold.  Now I am just a “sucker.” And for helping these sociopaths I’m a reckless brain dead “sucker.”

I'm sure some readers are wondering what I did to deserve this. When I figure that out I'll let you know. 

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A sociopath can turn good bad, bad insane.